Hey all: first and foremost, we’d like to welcome you to the DySTopia Servers site!

While we’re getting set up on here. I thought I’d take a moment to offer a peek at what the DySTopia Conan Exiles team is currently working on:

The DySTopia Server shop migration is very near completion.

You can /warp spawn to the spawn building in the new town for fast travel access. From this area there is a new portal to the tavern, as well as to the noob beach area. The tavern itself now has its physical door opened in addition to the return portal, so the tavern can also be used as part of a fast travel network. Veteran’s Vendors (formerly known as clan vendors) will now be located in this village as well. The migration of the various DLC-oriented vendors from the old shop is still on the to-do list. We have plans to implement quest givers in this new server “town” as well as further portal travel options, so stay posted!

DySTopia Server Shop Castle

The arena (/warp arena) has also undergone a major facelift.

High difficulty mobs have a random chance to drop “severed fingers,” which can be traded in stacks of 10 to an NPC inside the arena staging area for 50 Pippi Silver.
Oh yeah. A playlist of various metal tracks will play if you have your music turned on. \m/

The WIP custom dungeon is near completion!

This soul-crushingly difficult dungeon will feature a labyrinthine descent into Madness. We’re currently working on balance tweaks and some rewards worthy of the risks assumed in tackling this endgame-oriented content.

A snapshot of the final boss in the upcoming dungeon!
Something is lurking in the dark depths of the exiled realm.

Once again, we’d like to welcome all who’ve made it this far. We have plenty of future plans in the works and tons more content to roll out in the soon. If you haven’t yet, join our discord for up-to-the-minute server status info and shenanigans: https://discord.gg/H9kTgnN

See you out there, exile!



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