As we all know, the Testlive patch is slated to release next week:

With any large scale update, we face the potential of mods becoming incompatible with the running game build. This has been an ongoing concern for our team, and something that we’ve definitely had nightmares over.

I’ve just completed a round of testing, loading our current server onto a test platform. I’m incredibly pleased to report that it appears that all of our mods are functioning correctly. There were no crashes, and performance (loading times for large structures in particular) increased in a PHENOMENAL way!

Now, Funcom may still implement further changes before the patch drops, so all of this is not 100%. When the launch day comes, we may end up having to drop a mod or two temporarily until they are updated to current. But for now that seems like it won’t be the case.

You’ll get a much better running experience and a bunch of added perks.

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