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[Closed] LSPD Applications are: OPEN  


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03/06/2020 5:46 pm  

The Los Santos Police Department’s mission is to serve and protect the communities of Los Santos and surrounding areas, but we cannot achieve that mission without help. We aim to expand our department with frequent hirings, our recruitment process is extremely rigorous but rewarding, we aim to find the best possible candidates to train, evaluate and graduate into the ranks of the Los Santos Police Department.

  • You must be at least 16 years of age.

  • You must be able to speak the English language fluently and be proficient with English grammar & spelling.

  • You MUST have a functional microphone and be able to use your microphone to ensure that you have continuous character development - This is primarily a VOIP server, we expect faction members to use their microphones.

    • This does not mean that text role-play is not important. Your ability to perform character actions and describe environmental RP (/me & /do) will be checked during the recruitment process, should you pass the application stage.
  • You agree that you are able to roleplay a realistic character with consistent character development.

    • Important to understand; this is a law enforcement faction where we do our best to portray realistic a law enforcement Department in today’s United States. You should understand that you might get yelled at, disciplined or simply experience unpleasant situations IN CHARACTER.
  • We reserve the right to deny you if you have been previously discharged from another faction for Out of Character reasons, e.g. poor RP/OOC conduct/toxicity. We strive for a friendly and healthy environment, you need to prove that you are capable of contributing to one.

  • If accepted you must be willing to put at least 50% of your overall playing time in to your PD character if you have other characters. This is because the demand for being in this faction is high, so we don’t see it to be fair if someone joins and spends most of their time on their alternate characters when others would be willing to put much more time in to their PD character.

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