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Mission Statement
The mission of the Los Santos Police Department is to ensure the safety and security of
the citizens of Los Santos through the enforcement of all Local, State, and Federal Law’s.

Department Core Values

  • Integrity: Honesty is the key to an effective team and the department expects all
    officers to ensure the reliability associated with the Los Santos Police Department.

  • Professionalism: Professionalism is the foundation upon which the Department
    establishes its effectiveness, all officers will interact with the community with the
    utmost level of respect and professionalism while on duty.

Attendance Standards

  • Employment with the Los Santos Police Department is a voluntary service and therefore
    the department will never require an officer to be on duty at a time where the officer
    does not feel it necessary. However, department resources will not be wasted on an
    individual who spends a minimal amount of time on duty. Therefore, the department
    expects its officers to spend as much time on duty as possible. The minimum standard of
    attendance to ensure employment with the department is three hours a week. The Los Santos Police Department reserves the right to at any time terminate an employee based
    on poor attendance.

Behavior Policy

  • The Los Santos Police Department expects its officer to conduct themselves according to
    the mission statement and department core values. Furthermore, behavior unbecoming
    of an officer is unacceptable and will result in disciplinary action. Such behavior includes
    swearing, insulting citizens and fellow officers, acting unprofessionally, and illegal
    activity. All citizens and fellow officers are to be treated with respect to maintain a
    professional working environment. At no time should an officer insult either a citizen or
    a fellow officer; childish behavior in which an officer demeans anyone is unacceptable.
    Any illegal activity partaken in by an officer will be met with severe disciplinary action
    and most likely removal from the department. Sexual harassment within or outside the
    department by an officer will not be tolerated and will not only be met with disciplinary
    action but will be dealt with by the staff of Dystopia Servers.

Confidential Department Information

  • The Los Santos Police Department has certain sensitive information such as codes and
    procedures that are expected to be kept within the department and on a need-to-know
    basis. Officers will refrain from discussing department procedure with anyone outside
    the Los Santos Police Department. Any officer found to have knowingly disregarded this
    policy will be met with severe disciplinary action or removal from the department.

  • Disciplinary action can be taken by command personnel against officers who do not
    comply with department guidelines.

  • Disciplinary action may consist of the following: suspension, demotion, or removal
    from the Los Santos Police Department. Suspension from the department constitutes a
    period in which an officer is not permitted to be on active duty. The duration of the
    suspension will be decided by command level personnel. Demotion is reserved for
    serious offences to the department guidelines in which the officer clearly and knowingly
    disobeyed department policies. Removal from the department will be necessary when
    an officer proves himself to be detrimental usually through illegal activity.

Leaves of Absence

  • Officers who expect to be unavailable for active duty for more than two weeks must
    apply for a leave of absence which must then be approved by command personnel. A
    formal leave of absence will only be approved when it is sensible for the officer to be
    unavailable. Leaves of absence are not meant to be vacations from the department,
    officers who desire a break from the department exceeding two weeks are encouraged
    to rethink their employment. An officer who does not appear on active duty for two
    weeks will be met with disciplinary action or removal from the department. Exceptions
    will be made for exceptional circumstances and emergencies among officers.

  • The Los Santos Police Department is a voluntary service; therefore, an officer will not be
    forced to be on active duty at such a time they do not wish to be. However, officers
    holding specialized positions such as SWAT team members are expected to be on call
    24/7 and must respond to any situation deemed necessary by department command.

  • An officer’s employment with the department will only be finalized after completion of
    a written exam and two oral interviews by command personnel. The interviews will have
    a separation of one week with a minimum of four active duty hours serving as a trial
    period of employment. Removal from the department will be done at such a time when
    an officer is proven detrimental to the department. Removal may be done at any time
    and with no prior warning by command personnel.

Organizational Structure
-The Los Santos Police Department is a hierarchical organization meaning that there is a
fixed chain of command that officers are expected to follow.

  • The Boss
  • Everyone Else

Promotion Policy
-The Los Santos Police Department will promote officers who display a clear understanding of department guidelines and who present themselves as upstanding officers who are worthy of additional authority. The minimum time span separating promotions will be 10 days to avoid rapid progression through the department and to allow ample time for command personnel to evaluate officer performance. Promotion will be based on performance while on duty and training’s completed.

Training Policy

-Training within the Los Santos Police Department is mandatory for all officer with no
exception. This is to ensure the department works fluidly together to enforce the law.
Training will be conducted by qualified FTO’s and may be done at any time providing
there is no emergency situation requiring additional officers. Trainings will consist of
specific courses in order to provide a base for all officers to build on. Required trainings
consist of: Communication, Basic Law, and Use of Force. Without the completion and
mastery of these courses recruits will not be promoted to the rank of officer. Officers
are expected to complete at least one course a week in order to be deemed fit for duty.
Even after the completion of all courses, refresher courses provide officers with
knowledge that may have been forgotten after an extended period of time.

Uniform Policy

-Officers are expected to reflect the department in a professional manner, the basis for
this is the officers uniform. Officers will wear the rangemaster uniform, police hat,
police vest, and police duty belt. Officers will refrain from wearing clothing that is
brightly colored such as red colored glasses. Face covers such as balaclavas are also not
permitted. Specialized units may be exempt from this policy in certain situations such as
SWAT operations and undercover work.

Equipment Policy

-An officer’s equipment is of the utmost importance. All officers are required to have
the following equipment on their person: taser, handgun, ammunition, restraints,
water, food, medical equipment. The following equipment should be stored in the
officer’s vehicle when applicable: tool kit, spike strips, additional ammunition, long gun.
Equipment in use by specialist units is not applicable to this policy.

Vehicle Policy

-Any department vehicle is department property and should be treated as such. Officers
are only permitted to use vehicle which are necessary in the performance of their duty.
Again, officers are expected to behave professionally, this also applies to vehicles. For
example, unmarked vehicles are not necessary in performing a patrolmen’s duty.
Vehicles are not regular pieces of equipment or toys; a vehicle can kill an infinite
number of persons whether by ramming or by causing the vehicle to explode. Negligent
behavior leading to the detonation of a vehicle, injury to an individual, or damage to an
individual’s property will be met with disciplinary action.

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