Rust Hero Supporters Package


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This kit is claimable every 6 days and will give you the following:

1x Double Barrel Shotgun
1x Crossbow
1x Salvaged Icepick
1x Chainsaw
100x Cooked Bear Meat
50x Blueberries
100x Wooden Arrow
25x 12 Gauge Buckshot
1x Riot Helmet
1x Wood Chestplate
1x Road Sign Kilt
1x Boots
15x Medical Syringe
1x Garage Door
1x Sheet Metal Door
2x Code Lock
1x Work Bench Level 1
120,000x Wood
120,000x Stone
40,000x Metal Ore
300x High Quality Metal
16,000x Sulfur Ore
2,000x Low Grade Fuel
4,000x Cloth
5x Large Present
1x Party Hat
1x Shotgun Trap
2x Supply Signal

Instant Crafting
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